Leadership Growth: Overcome Your Obstacles

Be Willing to Make the Tough Decisions

Previously I offered suggestions on how to overcome the things that might be standing in the way of your effectiveness as a leader. Now I’ll share with you some tips on how to turn it all around.

Be Willing to Make the Tough Decisions

One surefire way to let the obstacles overrun your business is to be unwilling to make the scary changes. Identifying what doesn’t work and being able to abandon it for something else it is a necessary ability. This is especially important when it comes to your staff. It’s important to cultivate a work environment where people are collaborating and putting their greatest efforts toward a common goal. If someone is consistently disrupting that, it’s time for a change.

Be Open to Product or Service Innovations

People aren’t the only thing in your organization that requires examining. Maybe your products or services aren’t generating the necessary results but you’re having a hard time letting go. Be sure to evaluate the effort being put into such things and whether or not the outcome favors the cost. Knowing when to walk away from something is an invaluable skill to learn. It might just be time to create something new.

Update Your Strategies

Knowing when to walk away from a product or service you’re proud to offer but is proving ineffective is difficult. It might be even more difficult to walk away from an embedded marketing strategy or a long-held managerial approach yielding a similar lack of results. Again, take a look at the efforts versus outcomes and look for direct correlations that may outline exactly how or why something isn’t working. You don’t have to abandon your ideas altogether, but finding ways to improve them can trigger a worthy turnaround.

Connect to Every Business Function

Stay involved with all aspects of the business, whether or not you’ve grown out of it. If you developed the product and were there from the start, you’ve passed the torch of sales down to a sales team while you went on to bigger and better things. But how much do you know about the current workings of the sales function in your business? If your answer is “not much,” it’s time to fix that.

Obstacles are part of the job, so how are you going to use them to improve your business output, office morale and customer relationships?


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