My Philosophy

I am an executive coach in private practice working with individuals, corporations and non-profits.

I believe the real value of coaching lies in helping clients raise their self-awareness, overcome their inner barriers and move forward, despite the fear of change. Often clients are wedged between conflicting thoughts, or have no idea what to do. Coaching provides a way for clients to examine their options, weigh them and choose those that fit best. Once clarity is gained, clients (with the coach’s input) develop “action steps” and a plan to move forward.

Clients, when armed with a clearer picture of their goals along with practical tools, can transform their career anxiety into positive action. This is where the impact of executive coaching can most readily be felt and where profound shifts take place.

When clients’ fears have become entrenched over the years, even a slight shift forward may be difficult to accomplish alone. The trust and partnership that is developed in a coaching relationship provides a safe and supportive environment that enables clients to try new approaches. Approaches that result in new skills, new rewards and a new awareness of the clients’ place in the world.