My Approach

This page will give you further insight into my approach to coaching as well as my coaching style.

Coaching involves a partnership of trust and respect between client and coach. We are very much equal partners. I don’t believe a coach should sit on high, doling out gems of wisdom to the client. Participation by both parties is key to success. Most importantly, I want my clients to feel secure and comfortable with me. Only then can our coaching partnership flourish.

A Coaching Truism?

One of the coaching truisms I’ve often heard goes something like this: “Deep down, clients really know what they want.” This is a coaching cliché that is only occasionally true. It occurs, for instance, when the client has to choose between two seemingly equal job offers. As a coach, I’m able to reflect back to the client what he or she has been saying about the two offers. On hearing his or her pros and cons, the client’s confusion tends to evaporate. Or, as one client put it: “It’s good to see the forest rather than just the trees.”

More frequently however, the client is lost in a maze of conflicting feelings and desires, with no clear route in any direction. The anxiety this uncertainty produces keeps the client stuck in neutral with no answers.

My Path to Coaching

Many years ago I was the one in need of answers. I desperately wanted to shed the golden handcuffs of an executive job. Although I had no idea what I wanted to do, I knew for sure that I had to make some radical changes (does this ring a bell)? I also knew that I’d never be able to clarify my goals without help. (So much for the coaching truism)! Fortunately, I was able to figure out that I needed a coach. And even more fortunately, I found the right coach.

I soon discovered that having a coach provided me with the structure, support and guidance to make the changes I couldn’t undertake alone. A vital outcome of the circuitous career path I followed is that I can empathize with the anguish and indecision that many clients face. More importantly, I know what it takes to bring clients from confusion to clarity.

Take The First Step - CALL

Other pages of this web site discuss my experience and provide client testimonials. However, the printed word alone will never tell you how well we’ll fit. There’s an easy way to find out.

Call me at (212) 787-6097. Listen ‘between the lines.’ Ask the kinds of questions that will let you know whether you’ll feel comfortable in a coaching partnership with me. I’ll gladly spend half an hour on the phone with you - at no obligation - exploring your issues, offering suggestions. And showing you who I am.