Career Advancement Through Executive Coaching

Executive Coaching to Advance Your Career

Do you want to position yourself for promotion and command more compensation?

Are you facing a pattern of workplace issues that seem to occur over and over?

Do you want to improve your leadership skills?

Do you need a customized on-boarding plan to excel in your new job?

Hello, I’m Dale Kurow, Executive Coach.

dalebrownI’m a seasoned executive coach in New York. I partner in-person with clients, and also provide executive coaching via the telephone throughout the United States and internationally.

Over the past 20 years as an executive coach in New York, I’ve worked with executives just like you, helping them to develop their leadership and career skills to become more confident and productive. With me as their executive coach, some clients have even gone from the brink of termination to become trusted members of the boss’s inner circle.

I’ve helped clients build the managerial “muscles” that led to promotion and significant salary increases. They’ve shed the insecurities and the limiting beliefs that have held them back. They’ve built links and mentor relationships that have stretched them beyond their current roles.

Having earned five major advances with one Fortune 100 Company in my own earlier career, I know what it takes to ascend the corporate ladder. In today’s workplace the stakes are even higher and the going tougher. But working together, you and I can make progress happen.

Take the first step today.

Consider this: you can be excited about being in a leadership role and look forward to going to work each day. You’ll be in control of your staff and objectives. You’ll manage up, across and down more effectively. You’ll build on your strengths and grow your leadership style. And you’ll position yourself for promotion and take charge of your career.

Don’t struggle alone — with me as your executive coach, you’ll have an experienced, caring and expert partner at your side.

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