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“My time spent with Dale was absolutely instrumental to the growth of my leadership skills. Let me be on record that this document does not do justice to the profound effect that Dale had on me and will have on me for the rest of my managing life.”

Jonathan Lederer, VP, Sales, Popkin Software,
New York City

Career Essentials New Leadership Skills Program

Kurow Announcement Leadership Skills March 2004

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Dale R. Kurow

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New Leadership Skills Program

Dear Friends of the Career Essentials Newsletter:

I am excited to announce the launch of my one-on-one coaching program designed to make you a better manager.

You will learn to:

  • Communicate more effectively up, down and sideways
  • Strengthen professional relationships
  • Polish your image and presentation
  • Succeed at what your are committed to accomplishing
  • Improve your overall performance and attitude
  • Ergo: Be A Better Manager
The program combines a terrific new assessment (Coaching Report for Leaders) that seamlessly complements my one-on-one sessions. Sessions are held via telephone or in-person. You will also receive support via phone and/or email between your sessions. Or as I fondly call it, “911 coaching.”


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I offer a no-strings attached complimentary 30-minute session, to get acquainted and to explore your needs.

You will come away from our conversation with a tip, tool or strategy you can use immediately to improve your leadership skills.

Call me at 212/787-6097 or email: dale@dalekurow.com to arrange your complimentary session.

Using the results of the assessment tool: “Coaching Report for Leaders” and your own real time business examples, you will strengthen your current skills and discover where you need to improve.

I provide you with focused feedback, suggestions and support that will enable you to build and flex your managerial muscles on a daily basis.

I have also developed a Free Leadership Quiz to rate your skills as a manager. As a special bonus to my loyal subscribers, be the first to take my FREE Leadership Quiz online and get your results!

Call me at 212/787-6097 or email: dale@dalekurow.com to arrange your complimentary session described in the white box to the right.

I look forward to speaking with you!

To Your Success,

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