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“My time spent with Dale was absolutely instrumental to the growth of my leadership skills. Let me be on record that this document does not do justice to the profound effect that Dale had on me and will have on me for the rest of my managing life.”

Jonathan Lederer, VP, Sales, Popkin Software,
New York City

Leadership Quiz

You can judge your leadership skills by answering yes or no to the following questions. Each yes answer counts as one point.

    YES NO
1. I know how to motivate each of my staff members.
2. I have frequent (weekly, bi-weekly) productive staff meetings where information is exchanged and acknowledgement is given.
3. I have the confidence of my team.
4. I walk the talk, I model the behavior I want from my team.
5. I keep confidential information confidential.
6. I fight for my team (for salary increases, high profile assignments, etc.)
7. I am fair and treat all staff members with respect and with equal consideration.
8. I am able to provide negative feedback in a balanced and constructive manner.
9. I am diligent, thorough and timely in doing performance appraisals.
10. My staff knows what their goals are.
11. I know what my supervisor's vision is for the department/company and have an action plan that guides my staff towards this vision.
12. I provide my staff with opportunities to refresh their skills.
13. I have a sense of humor that is not demeaning to others.
14. I know what my strengths are and am working through a career development plan to improve my areas of weakness.
15. I admit when I do not know the answer.
16. I share the credit and accolades with those who contributed.
17. I encourage my staff to maintain a balanced life.
18. I do not scream or lose my temper.
19. I know how and what to delegate.
20. I don't work 24/7, I have a life outside my career.

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