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“My time spent with Dale was absolutely instrumental to the growth of my leadership skills. Let me be on record that this document does not do justice to the profound effect that Dale had on me and will have on me for the rest of my managing life.”

Jonathan Lederer, VP, Sales, Popkin Software,
New York City

Are Office Politics Driving You Crazy?

I'll bet that you're really good at what you do.

If you're an executive or manager, you probably got there because you possess outstanding business, technical or creative skills. But if you're reading this page, I'll bet you're struggling because you never learned how to navigate office politics. A boss who's driving you crazy, co-workers who take credit for your work, support staff with attitude -- all your business, technical and creative talent won't help if you don't master the critical skill of handling delicate workplace relationships.

Dealing with office politics can be very difficult.

It's hard to concentrate on your job and your personal life amid the turmoil of office politics. The stress of facing daily conflicts with co-workers takes all your energy. You want to feel better but you don't know what to do. It can be overwhelming. Don't give up! You can learn how to navigate the shark-infested waters of office politics!

Hi, I'm Dale Kurow.

I am a seasoned executive coach. In my years of experience as a corporate HR professional, I earned 5 promotions in one Fortune 100 Company. My success was a direct result of knowing how to maneuver through tricky political waters in the workplace. I can help you develop your skills so won't have to dread Mondays.

You'll improve your situation and come out on top. You'll alleviate the stress and be in control. You will learn how to make office politics work for you. And you will regain your self-confidence and start enjoying your life.

"Dale helped me keep a level head and work through the maze of politics, favoritism and boy's club issues. Without her guidance I probably would have self-destructed. She's smart, experienced, kind, supportive and fun - just what you need during a career crisis."
TCM, Marketing Director, National Hotel Chain, Silver Spring, MD

What you'll learn about successfully dealing with office politics

Plan your agenda and take the necessary steps to insure it happens. Develop your influencing skills. Negotiate for what you want. Discover how to "read" and respond to situations. Learn how and when to speak up. Or as a last resort, pursue other job opportunities while building your political skills.

"Dale's insight into office politics helped me through a rough patch in my job and gave me some real clarity. Given her experience with workplace issues, she was able to ask the right questions and provided straightforward advice. I felt a renewed sense of confidence and focus after each meeting. If you're looking to build your political skills, look no further."
Jeff F, Product Manager, Leading Packaging Manufacturer, Norwalk, CT

Take control of your career and your future:
Get clear on what you want/need to change
Figure out what you've been doing that isn't working
Review real world examples from your job
Start applying new behaviors and new techniques
Continue to hone your skills as you decide your next career move

Don't put it off any longer.

I urge you to take the first step and complete the Contact Me link below. Thank you!

You can start to solve the dilemma of sticky office politics today!

"Before I found Dale, I was barely making it through the day. My boss did not support my decisions, information was kept secret and the whole atmosphere was rife with office politics. I was miserable. Not only did Dale help me get clear on my goals (to leave my company), she helped me keep sane in my crazy job. I can't thank you enough."
Pamela W, Regional Sales Manager, Major Furniture Retailer, Chicago, IL

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