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[Career Essentials] Newsletter November 2004

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by Dale Kurow, M.S., Career & Executive Coach


Dear Readers:

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Recently I spent a lovely fall weekend in Sag Harbor with my dear friend Liz. The beach was gorgeous - it was a windy day and the surf was rough - the colors reminded me of a Winslow Homer painting. Memorable!

It’s always so good to get away, especially to a beautiful setting. So much is happening now - the election, clients planning for the rest of the year and figuring out how they want to move forward. Make time to commune with nature, it’s restorative.

You asked -- I listened! I now offer a resume writing service. If you’re thinking of re-doing your resume for the New Year or have a resume that’s not getting results, please email me for further details. For subscribers, I’ll take 10% off the cost if you take advantage of this offer before year-end.

This month I am including a list of America’s Top 20 Hottest Job Markets and 10 cities where the pace of life is slower but hiring is still hot.

For my readers in the U.S., have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

To Your Success,

Where The Jobs Are

In this economy, and given the fierce competition for every job opening, it’s good to know the markets where employers are actually hiring! Thinking about relocating? Check out the two lists below:


As reported by www.business2.com, here are the top 20 hiring markets in the U.S.:

1. Raleigh-Durham, NC
2. San Jose, CA
3. Washington, DC
4. Austin, TX
5. Atlanta, GA
6. West Palm Beach, FL
7. San Francisco-Oakland, CA
8. Middlesex-Somerset, NJ
9. Seattle, WA
10. Boston, MA
11. Sacramento, CA
12. Phoenix, AZ
13. Minneapolis, MN
14. Denver, CO
15. New Haven, CT
16. Baltimore, MD
17. San Diego, CA
18. Dallas, TX
19. Charlotte, NC
20. Philadelphia, PA

Here are 10 cities where the pace of life is slower, but the economic engines are working well:

1. Boulder, CO
2. Fort Collins, CO
3. Santa Fe, NM
4. Charlottesville, VA
5. Boise, ID
6. Colorado Springs, CO
7. Gainesville, FL
8. Trenton, NJ
9. Tallahassee, FL
10. Olympia, WA

 Job Search Tips:

For those who are job-hunting: post an updated resume on your professional or trade association’s web site. Recruiters and search professionals will often visit these sites looking for “passive” candidates.

Don’t know which trade association to join?

Check out the Encyclopedia of Associations in the reference section of the public library. It lists every professional and trade organization in the U.S. and you can search by industry. Once you have found organizations that you would like to explore, capture the web site address and then click on the local chapter link to locate upcoming events in your area.

You don’t need to join right off the bat. You can attend an event as a guest to determine if the organization meets your needs. Joining professional organizations can be an excellent way of networking and raising your profile among colleagues and hiring managers in your industry.


Want to network successfully every time? Be prepared for every stage of the networking process: learn what to do before, during and after you go. Surefire Networking Tips E-Book now available.

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I also offer an exploratory half-hour of coaching with no obligation.

Contact me at 212/787-6097 or dale@dalekurow.com

I’m currently offering one-on-one coaching to:

  • Create a game plan for changing careers

  • Select the best career options to pursue

  • Develop the skills to deal with a difficult boss

  • Deal with office politics

  • Build your personal foundation and get the support you need to make changes

  • Help you move forward after being laid off

Author: Dale R. Kurow, M.S.

Dale Kurow is a career and executive coach who helps individuals find success and personal enrichment at their vocations and who works with corporations to maximize the potential of valuable employees.

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