Managing Your Boss, Part II

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Well, here we are in fall already! I don’t know about you, but I’m still holding onto summer memories. It must be because we recently returned from our end of summer idyll on Fire Island. I managed to celebrate my birthday for the entire 12 days with wonderful friends and dear family. Here’s a photo of me in our wagon, totally stress-free. Ahh…

Okay, back to business. In this month’s issue I complete the tips I began last month, in Managing Your Boss, Part I. If you want to partner with your boss successfully and work together seamlessly, read on. If you missed last month’s issue, read it here.

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Feature Article

Managing Your Boss, Part II

How is your relationship with your boss?

If you’re asking yourself “what relationship?” read on.

  • With a new boss, make it clear how you can help. Talk about how you want to ease his/her transition into the company and outline areas where you can contribute. Don’t wait for your boss to come to you. You can get lost in the shuffle during the boss’s learning curve.

  • Ask for what you want. This goes for money, a promotion or ownership of a new project. Make sure you choose an appropriate time and have a well-prepared case. Be prepared for a no. Hope for a yes. Be willing to negotiate. Know what your fallback position is.

  • Speaking of negotiating, when was the last time you negotiated with your boss? Most people run from negotiating. It’s too confrontational. Did it ever occur to you that negotiating might be a strength that your boss is looking for from you? Winners know how to negotiate. It’s a crucial skill to have in your toolbox. Time to swallow the anxiety and do it.

  • Do you feel used, abused, and exhausted at work? What boundaries have you created with your boss? Take a look at how you might be allowing this to happen. Are you afraid to ask for what you need? Are you using work as an excuse not to deal with other aspects of your life? Blaming your boss for your inability to take charge of your life is unfair.

  • Do you feel smarter than your boss? Okay, maybe you are. How are you going to use your smarts to position yourself for the next step, assuming that’s what you want? And how will you do it without threatening your boss? You need to earn your boss’s trust. This is a process that happens over time. And be sure to continue to monitor your need to grandstand. Arrogance is not a plus.

  • Do you need to be right? Can you see your boss’s point of view? Are you willing to compromise your position for the good of the boss, department, or company? Keeping the bigger picture in mind is key and shows commitment to the team. So, ask yourself “do I want to be happy/successful or do I want to be right?”

Finally, if you truly do have an ogre for a boss, and nothing seems to work, get out! Sometimes you need a fresh start with a new boss to create the kind of work environment in which you can flourish.

If you missed last month’s article, you can read it here.

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