Managing Your Boss, Part I

[Career Essentials] Newsletter September 1, 2021 - Managing Your Boss, Part I


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Last month, we visited Flying Pig Farm -- isn’t that a cute name? It’s the country home of our friends Kathie and Betsy. We loved their 3 Icelandic horses (here’s a photo of me with “Pal”), and the old maple trees, green lawns and rambling house. Idling under the grape arbor in comfortable chairs, we marveled at the variety of birds that came to rest on the bird feeders.

Autumn is a time of renewed energy and focus on goals. If your goal is to improve your relationship with your boss, this month’s feature — Managing Your Boss, Part I — is apropos!

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Feature Article

Managing Your Boss, Part I

How good is your relationship with your boss? If you’re asking yourself “what relationship?” then read on.

  • What baggage are you bringing into the relationship? Do you see your boss as an authority figure (a k a your father or your mother)? Ask a trusted colleague if you overreacted to the latest run-in with your boss. Be open to hearing honest feedback.

  • You and your needs are a fraction of your boss’s responsibility. Stop taking your boss’s behavior personally. She/he probably spends little time thinking about your problem or concern. If you can learn to become immune to your boss’s minor slights, which are often a product of his/her stress, you will be happier.

  • Put yourself in your boss’s shoes. Let that perspective guide you. If you were the boss, you’d want your employees to come to you with solutions, suggestions, ideas and ways of elevating your profile within the organization. Are you doing this with your current boss?

  • How many bosses have you had in the last 1-2 years? Do you resent having to prove yourself yet again? Get over it. Rapid management changes are the norm. The sooner your new boss knows you’re on his/her side, the better.

  • Do you understand your boss's communication style? Does your boss want just the facts? Or does he/she enjoy a more collaborative style and like brainstorming and discussion? When is the best time to speak with your boss; is he/she a morning person or is after 5 PM better? You need to know how to read your boss or all your good work will fall upon deaf ears.

More tips on how to manage your boss will continue in the next edition!

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