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Career Essentials Newsletter September 2005 - Surefire Networking Tips To Kick-Start Your Career

[Career Essentials] Newsletter September 2005 - Surefire Networking Tips To Kick-Start Your Career

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by Dale Kurow, M.S., Career & Executive Coach


Welcome, loyal subscribers and new readers!

Holy smokes, I can’t believe it’s September already!

We’re going to prolong summer with a week on Fire Island in September. More about that, and pictures, in next month’s issue.

Last month, I had the best trip to LA. I spent a week at my artist friend’s spacious white house near the beach. Talk about Zen-like.
Just what I needed to renew body and soul.

Then, I attended Ali Brown’s (the e-zine queen) 2-day workshop on building an online business. The workshop was intense and very worthwhile.

Here are photos: one of the entire group (I’m the small spec in orange at the very upper left). The second photo is me with Kim Duke (of Sales Divas), the new Canadian friend whom I met at the seminar. What a sweetheart of a gal! I’ve been so lucky to meet wonderful people in my travels this year!

This month’s feature focuses on networking tips designed to kick-start your career. Read on for helpful hints to make the most of Fall.

Wishing you a dreamy September (my favorite month of the year!)

To Your Success,

Surefire Networking Tips To Kick-Start Your Career

Have you shaken the sand out of your shoes?

Are you ready for cooler weather, a faster pace, back to school, and the end of flip-flops?

Well, even if you’re not, the rest of the world is moving on.

It’s time to get with the program.

I’m talking about planning your schedule for this fall.

Whether you’re looking for a job or new clients or feel the need to expand your list of professional contacts, networking is the answer.

So, what are you saying to yourself right now? “Yuck, I hate networking. I’ll go to a networking event one of these days, if I can figure out where the REALLY good connections are.”

Hello? These are all excuses that keep you in the same place and move you no closer to your goals!

Guess what? We all hate networking. It’s just that some of us have gotten better at it because we actually force ourselves to do it!

For all of you first time networkers, or those who have to be pushed out the door or accompanied by a friend, here are tips to get you started:

The Tips

  • Extreme self-care. Say what? Pamper yourself before you go to an event. Have a massage, talk with a friend who makes you laugh or have lunch at your favorite eatery. The goal is to get to the event feeling relaxed and confident.

  • Arrive early. Pre-event time gives you a great opportunity to have a slightly longer conversation with a new contact. You’ll get to speak to others who are eager to make the most of their time. Another plus to arriving early is you can select a good seat for the breakfast or lunch presentation.

  • Is this the best venue? Carefully choose which event(s) you will attend. Ask yourself: “what are my goals for this event; what do I hope to achieve?” Most organizations welcome guests and will only ask that you pay a one-time fee. After the event, you can determine if the organization is a good fit for you by asking yourself: “Was the group open and welcoming to new members? Did I feel comfortable? Were there like-minded people with whom I connected?”

  • Finding events. Check out The Encyclopedia of Associations in the reference section of the public library. This is a guide to 116,000 U.S. non-profit and trade organizations, including web addresses and contact information. Once you have decided which group to explore, check out their web site for a list of upcoming meetings.

  • Bring photos of your kids! That’s right, I said bring photos. Pictures of your children are great conversation starters. I’ve witnessed an entire table of men and women bond by sharing pictures of their kids.

  • What’s your line? Frequently, at smaller networking events, you’ll be asked to stand and give a brief explanation of what you do. For larger events, you will still need to prepare 2-4 memorable sentences. Use compelling phrases and words, so people will want to know more about you. Giving just your name and title will not cut it! In preparing your sentences, do the following (1) Offer a specific example of what makes you unique and what you want people to remember (2) Ensure that it prompts people to say, “tell me more.” And (3) Deliver your sentences with passion and a commitment to excellence in your work. For example, when I network, I say, “Hi, my name is Dale Kurow and I am a career and executive coach. I help clients become better managers, figure out their next career moves and thrive despite office politics. For example, I’ve helped a client change jobs with a 40% salary increase and helped another client develop the skills to deal with a difficult boss.” I usually get a response such as, “Whoa, I need you,” or “I know somebody who needs your services.” That’s the kind of response you are looking for!

For more networking tips, check out my networking tips booklet at:

All the networking tips in the world won’t help unless you actually make the effort to get to an event. Preparing ahead of time will make you feel more in control and more willing to go. Building your confidence at events, and knowing what to say, happens over time. Select an event to go to today. You’ll feel good that you took action and it can translate into momentum in your career this Fall.

Author: Dale R. Kurow, M.S.

Dale Kurow, M.S. is an author and a career and executive coach in NYC. She works with clients across the U.S. and internationally, helping them to become better managers, figure out their next career moves and thrive despite office politics.

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