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Career Essentials Newsletter February 2005 - Where Did Your Career Muse Go?

[Career Essentials] Newsletter February 2005 - Where Did Your Career Muse Go?

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by Dale Kurow, M.S., Career & Executive Coach


Dear Readers:

Welcome, new readers and loyal subscribers! I hope the New Year has started off well for you.

We’re heading south (to West Palm Beach) to visit my fun cousins, Lee and Nina. I can’t wait!!

Here in NYC we have had remarkably mild weather so far (I’m writing this in mid-January).

However, in the last few days, winter has been rearing its head in the form of grey, sleeting days. Are you, like me, affected by the weather? When the sun is shining outside it’s so much easier to feel upbeat and cheerful.

Are you saying to yourself — oh boy, it’s a new year and I should be doing X — or I know I should have all these terrific goals for 2005 written down by now.

Stop “should-ing” yourself! That will get you nowhere and make you feel worse.

Sometimes, finding your inspiration lies in giving little gifts to yourself and being attuned to your own needs. Read the feature article that follows on finding your muse.

We saw a terrific movie this month — “Million Dollar Baby,” directed by Clint Eastwood. It was sad, beautifully acted and memorable.

Thank you to all those who purchased my new E-Book on phone interviews! I appreciate your support of my work.

If you think you may have a phone interview in your future, and want proven strategies and tips to get you to the next round, check out my E-Book.

Daffodils are on the way in Central Park — and here’s a photo taken in early Spring last year to brighten up your day.

To Your Success,

Where Did My Muse Go?

Are you wondering why you can’t seem to make a decision or move forward?

So much about winter seems to leave people in limbo.

The endless grey days, the unfulfilled expectations of last year and the need to figure out what the heck to do this year. That’s a recipe for stasis.

Crawling into your bed under a warm comforter sounds about right.

Let me share some thoughts with you about what helped me find “my muse.” (Simply put, a muse is a source of creative inspiration.)

Recently, my muse was nowhere in sight. I was stuck trying to figure out the next steps for growing my business. And the choices seemed endless and confusing. Another E-Book? An audio product? Revamping my web site? I’m not a web marketing maven, and internet marketing is not my favorite part of my business. (Speaking to clients is!) So here I was for days, caught in a soup of indecision. Hard pressed to leave my office or desk, feeling that I just had to come up with a solution.

Here’s what worked: I let go of having to know. And I went to the movies!

I felt a bit guilty at first, but then felt wonderful at giving myself this gift in the middle of the day! And lo and behold, while waiting for the main feature to begin (I saw the movie “Closer” - the best part was watching Clive Owen, one gorgeous Englishman) ideas came popping up for my business. And as the music started to roll, I had a big smile on my face, knowing I had broken the logjam.

Where Did My Muse Go? cont'd

Even more amazing, when I looked back on my calendar to January 2004, exactly one year ago, I had also gone to the movies! Going to the movies was my creative stimuli; I had forgotten what my head and body needed for inspiration.

What do you need for inspiration? What special actions do you need to take to help you get past your limbo?

Let’s say you are in a job you hate. And you’re stuck. You can’t see a way out because you need the money (there’ll never be enough money in another job, right?) or you don’t have a good resume (you’re a terrible writer,) or you’re fearful about interviewing (you get nervous). That’ll keep you stuck, all right.

Instead of beating yourself up and/or rewinding the same mental tapes, what can you do today (okay, maybe not a movie) to make you feel good? A delicious lunch? Taking a walk? Don’t dismiss the little gifts you can give yourself that will enable you to discover a new outlook and perhaps trigger creative ideas. Your goal is to change the channel in your brain and thus, your approach.

Have you heard the saying “Insanity is continuing to do the same things over and over again, and expecting different results?”

Here’s a saying from me —“Frustration lies in forgetting what works for you!”

You’ll find your muse when you become aware of, and attuned to, your unique needs.


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