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Career Essentials Newsletter February 2004

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by Dale Kurow, M.S., Career & Executive Coach
The Top Ten Tips for Jumpstarting Your Career in 2004

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Dale R. Kurow

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Will Rogers


Dear Readers,

I’m back! And delighted to be with you again. It is frigid here in New York City. I’m listening to Mozart as I write this and the sun is shining. I feel warm and grateful to be inside!

I’ve been taking time off to write, revise and upgrade my web site and to redesign my newsletter. As you can see, Career Essentials has a new look and feel. My revamped newsletter was designed by my talented designer, David Moorhead. Thank you David!

I welcome your feedback -- feel free to send me an e-mail with your thoughts and/or interest in newsletter topics.

In addition to working on my newsletter, I’ve updated my networking tips e-book. You can find out more about my new e-book by clicking here.

Finally, I’m in the process of creating a program that will help managers take their leadership skills to the next level. More about the program in a special announcement.

This issue is devoted to: The Top Ten Tips To Jumpstart Your Career in 2004.

Hope you find them helpful! Sending you warmth and hot chocolate.

To Your Success,

The Top Ten Tips for Jumpstarting Your Career in 2004

1. Who’s on your list?

When was the last time you added a new person to your network? If you can’t remember, it’s been too long. At a minimum, make a list of your current network and plan to contact them (via an email, personal note, call or coffee date) at least twice a year.

2. Going up?

Rehearse your elevator speech for use at networking functions. Your goal is to have people ask you “tell me more.” Read my article on preparing an elevator speech by clicking here.

3. Dream big

Take time to write down your career goals. Do you want to change jobs, make more money, do work that you love? All of that is possible if you plan, commit to it and persevere.

4. Know your value

Do you know how to price yourself in the marketplace? Salaries vary according to location, years of experience, etc. Check out Salary.com or befriend knowledgeable recruiters who have their finger on the pulse of your market.

5. What’s your story?

Prepare 3 WES’s (work experience stories) which highlight your accomplishments. A WES = a challenge when you began the project, the action you took to solve the problem and the outcome, quantified if possible. An added plus, work experience stories can be used for cover letters or on an interview.

6. Get Professional

Join a professional organization and actually go to a meeting!

Hint: if you join the membership committee, you will get to know the members even faster and can find out which companies are hiring.

7. Whip your resume into shape.

Update your resume with your latest job, skill level and title. This exercise will provide you with a fresh list of accomplishments and prepare you for an interview. Use verbs that zing. Built, drove, piloted, launched. Stay away from expressions such as: my responsibilities included. Boring!

8. Mirror, mirror

What do people notice first about your appearance after your face and smile? Accessories. This translates to shoes, handbag and jewelry for woman and shirt, tie, shoes and briefcase for men. Spend the extra money on those items, rather than on a Prada suit.

9. Got the Vision?

Find out what your boss’s vision is for 2004. How can you contribute to its success? Write down your ideas, review it with an impartial colleague and talk to your boss.

10. Plan (& take!) a vacation

Surprised? One of the best ways to get new ideas and a renewed sense of direction in your career is to step away from it. It’s amazing how clear the perspective becomes when you put distance between you and the 9 to 5.


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Author: Dale R. Kurow, M.S.

Dale Kurow is a career and executive coach who helps individuals find success and personal enrichment at their vocations and who works with corporations to maximize the potential of valuable employees.

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