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Career Essentials Newsletter January 2005

[Career Essentials] Phone Interview Broadcast January 10, 2021

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by Dale Kurow, M.S., Career & Executive Coach

Special Broadcast

Dear Readers:

As we all look forward with anticipation to the exciting possibilities a new year brings, remember to start the year off right by taking time for yourself!

I’m excited to announce the launch of my next E-Book —
“Phone Interview Skills Sharpened Right Here!”

Phone interviews are standard practice with companies. If you are currently in the job market, or will be, you will have to undergo a phone interview.

Phone interviews are not at all the same as face-to-face interviews. Do you know the difference…and how to prepare for them? If you don’t, and a phone interview is in your future, read on.

“Phone Interview Skills Sharpened Right Here!” answers the crucial questions you’ll face and provides the strategies for phone interview preparation. With this E-Book, you’ll be armed and confident, greatly increasing your chances of moving to the next round. It’s instantly downloadable, comes in an easy to read PDF format, and is full of resources.

This E-Book includes tips, links and advice I’ve collected in over 20 years of interviewing candidates and coaching clients. Plus, it includes tips and do’s and don’ts from 4 Senior Human Resources colleagues.

And, it’s a one-of-a-kind resource. There are tons of E-books out there on interviewing, but none focused entirely on phone interviews!

Read more about and order the E-Book at: http://dalekurow.com/phone_ebook.

Would you like to discuss the E-Book before buying? Email me at dale@dalekurow.com.

Warmest Wishes for a wonderful year ahead,

P.S. If you get stuck and want individual coaching, call me at 212/787-6097 or email at: dale@dalekurow.com so you don’t have to prepare alone.

Author: Dale R. Kurow, M.S.

Dale Kurow is a career and executive coach who helps individuals find success and personal enrichment at their vocations and who works with corporations to maximize the potential of valuable employees.

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