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“My time spent with Dale was absolutely instrumental to the growth of my leadership skills. Let me be on record that this document does not do justice to the profound effect that Dale had on me and will have on me for the rest of my managing life.”

Jonathan Lederer, VP, Sales, Popkin Software,
New York City

In The News

My articles have appeared on numerous web sites and publications, including The New York Post, Women's Health, Forbes.com, Careerbuilder.com, Jobankusa.com, 6 Figure Jobs.com, Networking for Professionals, Society of Woman Engineers, Young Health Care Executive, Hello Tampa Bay, JobsDB.com Interactive Recruitment Network, National Federation of Press Women, e-magnify, and the New York Center for Coaching.

I have been the featured on-air guest on "Career Talk with Maggie" on Martha Stewart Living Radio Sirius 112.

I was quoted in MyMetro career's column on how to properly participate in meetings.

I contributed to an article entitled "Write A Job Proposal That's More Than Modest" in the PalmBeachPost.com.

Read the entire piece at: http://www.pbclassifieds.com/employment/jobs/main/jobs_proposal_main.html

I was interviewed for an article entitled "Find The Work You Want" in Today's Health & Wellness magazine.

My article "How to Chose A Boss" appeared in the Black EOE Journal.

My article "Getting Past Fear" was featured in Hispanic Network Magazine.

I was featured in an article, "Put Networking To Work" in Executive Female Magazine (now called Nafe Magazine).

Here's are selected excerpts of my contribution to the networking article:

"This is not rocket science, and yet I coach a number of senior-level executives -- both men and women -- who tell me they hate networking and that they're terrible at it. So the first thing I do is help them redefine what networking is. There's a misperception that it's a sign of being needy. I explain that networking is just talking -- and relax them with the fact that informal intercourse with colleagues usually makes for the best connections."

"To get started, I advise clients to make a list with three columns. The first list is of people they can call easily, the second is of people they know somewhat; and the third is of completely new contacts -- cold calls that would be more of a stretch. I make them start with the first column and help them build from there, so eventually, they can make cold calls or introductions in the third column confortably."

"Networking is really a partnership. It's not about what someone can get or needs from another -- it's about what they both can bring to the table. I remind clients it's not entirely about them. They can maximize any networking situation by offering themselves as a resource, after asking a few questions. It makes for a more comfortable experience, and it works."

I was interviewed for a Fox5 Good Day New York segment
devoted to Interviewing Do's and Don'ts. Here are the top 3 do's
and don'ts as discussed on the show!

The top 3 Do's were:
1. Do Research the Company
2. Ask Questions
3. Send thank you note

The top 3 Don'ts were:
1. Don't be late
2. Don't rehash your resume
3. Don't bad mouth prior boss/company

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