What's Holding Up Your Promotion?

[Career Essentials] Newsletter December 1, 2020 - What's Holding Up Your Promotion?


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I’ve had a busy month! First, I’ve been recuperating from arthroscopic knee surgery. I’m glad to say I’m now back to almost full mobility in my knee!

We had a blast in Montauk at Chris and Roshni’s wedding on Veteran’s Day. It was an absolutely gorgeous day, warm and sunny. Here’s a photo of Stan and me with my dear friend, Liz, mother of the groom.

My guest appearance on the Nov. 16th internet radio show discussing “Positioning Yourself for Promotion” was so much fun! I’ll be editing the audio and offering it with a transcript early next year. Stay tuned.

My heartfelt thanks goes to Lorraine Cohen, business strategist and host of the show, for giving me this opportunity. And, thanks to all those who called or emailed with feedback!

Speaking of promotion, this month’s feature is a quiz entitled “What’s Holding up your Promotion?” Taking this quiz is a great way of to figure out what you need to do to move ahead in the New Year.

Finally, as a thank you for your wonderful support of my work this year, I’m having a huge sale on all my job search products — for my subscribers only. I’m slashing prices by 50% for a limited time only! Check out the recommended resource section below for details.

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Feature Article

What’s Holding Up Your Promotion?

By Dale Kurow

You’re performing well in your job. You’ve even been told that you’re up for a promotion. Yet, getting the promotion seems to be taking a long time and you’re getting impatient.

Are you wondering how you could make it happen faster? Are you thinking about what else you could do to make yourself the most likely choice for promotion?

Of course, there are factors such as budgetary constraints, lost contracts, etc. that could influence the timing of your promotion. You have little control over these factors.

However, there are things you can do that would set you apart and catapult your name to the top of the promotion list. Wouldn’t you want to know how to improve your odds of landing your promotion sooner?

Take this quiz to find out where you stand in the pursuit of your promotion. Answer yes or no to the following questions. Each yes answer counts as one point. Compare your point total to the scoring key below.

1. I’ve successfully executed projects beyond my current job responsibilities.

2. I’ve gotten outstanding performance reviews for the last two years.

3. I’ve recently discussed my desire to be promoted with key power brokers in the company including my boss.

4. I’ve mastered all aspects of my present job.

5. I feel ready for, and excited by, new challenges.

6. I’m handling the stress of my current life/job well.

7. I continually seek ways to save the company time and money and raise the company’s profile.

8. When a project doesn’t go as planned, I learn from the experience.

9. When someone receives a promotion before I do, I redouble my efforts to improve my skills and standing within the company.

10. I have a network of colleagues that I can turn to with questions, for support and impartial advice.

11. I keep my cool when faced with challenging people and situations.

12. I’ve got a sense of humor and can laugh at myself.

13. I share my boss’s vision and have made his/her goals my own.

14. I know how to say no to protect my time and energy without alienating people.

15. I am capable of managing multiple priorities and I juggle them well.

16. I am optimistic and don’t complain, whine or engage in gossip about others in the office.

17. I have attended, and am comfortable at, office parties and social events with my co-workers.

18. I keep people’s confidences.

19. If I manage a staff, I am fair and proportionate in giving praise and feedback.

20. I have professional work habits (grooming, dressing for success, on-time to meetings, organized).

21. I embrace change and do not hold onto the old way of doing things.

22. I share the credit and accolades with my team members.

23. I am good at motivating my staff and team members to achieve their highest level of performance.

24. I am comfortable using technology (i.e. Blackberry, IM, the Internet) and it makes me more effective.

25. I have documented my successes and can present them at my next performance review.

Scoring Key:

20-25 Congratulations! You are doing everything in your power to move to the top of the line. Given your efforts, your well-deserved promotion should be happening soon!
16-19 This is a very good score. Discuss the factors that might be delaying your promotion with your boss and ask what you could do to eliminate them.
11-15 You’re doing okay, but there’s room for improvement. Make note of the factors that you need to work on and chose 2-3 that you can start improving upon today.
6-10 You have work to do. It might be time to go back to basics and insure that you are reading your boss’s signals correctly. Confirm with your boss that you are a candidate for promotion. Determine how long it might take and what additional responsibilities you might take on.
0-5 Okay, perhaps you need to view the situation differently. If you’re having trouble figuring out how to reframe your attitude and develop the skills to move ahead, consider working with a career coach. With a coach, you could focus in on exactly what you need to do and develop a plan to make it happen.

About Dale:

Dale Kurow, M.S. is an author and a career and executive coach in NYC. She works with clients across the U.S. and internationally, helping them to become better managers, figure out their next career moves and thrive despite office politics. Click here for more information about her services.

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