The Dos and Don’ts of Overcoming Career Anxiety

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DON’T choose a job just for the paycheck

Career anxiety can come in many shapes and sizes but all can leave a poisonous impact on your day to day. Are you unhappy at work despite a great paycheck? Or a lackluster paycheck? Are you feeling unmotivated and unconfident?  Stressed about layoffs and minimal opportunities? Here are a few starter points to embrace or avoid when trying to conquer your nerves, self-doubt and career-induced fret.

DON’T choose a job just for the paycheck
While this is easier said than done in rough economic times, it is still crucial to your overall productivity to commit to a job that is rewarding, has room for advancement and, in general, makes you excited. While getting offered any job is a happy relief, make sure the one you accept is the right one for you.

DON’T sell yourself short
Asking for the big raise or a worthy starting salary is difficult but we can offer negotiating tips that will help. Not only is proper compensation important to alleviating your stress, but so is the right level of responsibility. Being under-qualified for a job means your skills are not being put to good use and this can become frustrating. Choose your opportunities wisely.

DON’T let social media scare you away
In these times the internet is hard to avoid. When looking for a new job, social media can give you a direct line to your competition but don’t be intimidated by those who may seem more experienced. Instead, take the readily-available information and learn from it, which can mold you into the perfect candidate.  The generational divide in social media is withering away and it’s a more powerful tool than ever before; use it to your advantage.

Now that you know what to avoid in effort to overcome your career anxiety, here are some things to embrace.

DO take the time to find your passion
Deciding what you want to do for the rest of your life isn’t easy at the start of your career. But just because you’ve made that choice once doesn’t mean it was the right one. Passion is a necessary key to successful career and while it can be a challenge to find your most desirous path, the payoff is immense. Finding the right career for you could be make-or-break for overcoming your anxiety.

DO choose confidence over self-importance
Your career anxiety may stem from a lack of confidence, but before you start attempting to build some, it’s important to know the differences here.  Confidence exudes through listening, showing respect for the time of others and being open to new ideas. Self-importance exudes by controlling conversation, disregarding the necessary roles of others and believing new ideas are worthless compared to your own knowledge. A business cannot thrive on one person’s ego so proceed with caution.

DO hone your skills
So maybe the problem isn’t that you haven’t found your passion but it’s that you have and you’re still anxious. Both online and in nearby communities you can find educational courses in your field. Taking some time out of your personal life to brush up on your knowledge could make all the difference. You might also learn a thing or two about the newer generation’s approach to your craft which, mixed with your existing knowledge and experience, can make you a dynamite candidate for any position you desire.

Career anxiety can be overwhelming but it takes a series of small steps to get to a point of ease. If you take the time to find your passions, embrace the tools at your disposal and learn your true value, you can land a successful career in which you are happy and well-rewarded.


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