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Six Smart Reasons to Update Your Resume for Promotion

You may wonder why you even need a resume to be considered for a promotion.Update Your Resume

Heck, you are applying for a promotion within the same company.  They know you and what you can do.  Right?

Well, maybe not. With that assumption, you could very well be decreasing your chances to even be considered.

Here are six reasons why it’s smart to update your resume from Dale Kurow, Executive Coach:

  1. Don’t assume the HR department will have the time or desire to weed through and update your file.  You may know all the good work you’ve done but hiring managers in other departments will not.  So make sure the resume version they is not years old.
  2. Many companies require a current resume to even be considered for a promotion. It makes sense to have one ready to be at the front of the pack.  Promotional opportunities often occur out of the blue; don’t compromise the quality of your resume submission by having to update your resume at the last minute.
  3. Who better than you to describe your outstanding accomplishments?  What do you want your potential new internal boss to know about you?  This may be your only chance to make a good first impression.  Think about your finest accomplishment, and using bold type and numbers, describe what you did in the summary section at the top of the first page.
  4. Record your best accomplishments as they occur, when they are freshest in your mind and you have the numbers and facts handy. Use these points during your next performance review to bolster your case for a raise/promotion.
  5. The opportunity to employ company-specific language will strengthen your resume and your chance at an internal promotion. Besides using industry-specific language, company-specific language is even more important.  For example, when I worked for Charles of the Ritz in the HR department, I was in charge of the PMIS (Promotable Manager Identification System) that was used company-wide and had immediate name recognition. Using the acronym PMIS on my resume provided an immediate indicator of the type and level of responsibility I held. It helped me secure my next promotion to Director of HR.
  6. Because company closings and downsizing’s are still happening, having an updated resume will keep you prepared for an unexpected event.

Whether you update your resume for internal or external factors, it is the sign of a professional to prepare for the future and be able to quickly capitalize on opportunities.

Want to position yourself for promotion?  I can help.  Take the next step.