Authoritarian Bosses Create Cutthroat Cultures

bosses“Remove staffers who don’t crush it. Immediately.”

This quote came from an article — “10 Ways to Step Up Your Leadership Today” by Dave Balter published in January  of this year.

Did you cringe when you read that? I did.

And that uncomfortable feeling stayed with me for days.

My immediate reaction was — who is really making the mistake here?

How much of the failure to “crush it” is the fault of the boss?

What kind of culture does this method create and is it conducive to retaining good people?

Here are things to consider:

The CEO’s and bosses I work with are creative, driven and extremely hard working. However, they often lack leadership skills and that keeps my executive coaching New York business busy. Further, they are terrible at giving direction, often sketching out in a vague and unformed fashion what they hope to achieve.

So, boss, ask yourself — have you given ANY direction to your staff? How specific was the direction? Are you unclear in your own mind what you expect the outcome to be?

You may want to triple your profits. You may want to be known for the best customer service in your industry. You may want to produce
a product that will knock the your client’s socks off. Or you may think that any of these outcomes would be good.

Any uncertainly in your mind will compound the uncertainty of those that are responsible for delivering results. Ensure that your staffers are clear on what you want by asking them to review their commitments and deliverables.

You don’t need to provide specific methods for reaching the desired targets. You do need to share the “why” and the ultimate goals. Allow your staff to find their own way of getting to the results. If you insist on the method being your way, you will kill creativity and independent thinking.

How open are you to providing coaching or employee development? Do you expect every new hire to come in and perform at the highest level without a period of learning, transitioning and melding with the team?

Okay, I’m not saying you coddle or excuse poor performance after 3-6 months. I am saying that to expect extraordinary results right out of the gate is unrealistic. And it creates morale problems and a cutthroat culture that allows no room for learning or missteps.

If you set a high bar and expect everyone to reach it, then you also need to provide the tools and a pathway for your people to get there.

Results are what profitable businesses are all about. However, if results are your sole criteria for success, ask yourself if this is the
type of business culture and future you want your children to inherit.


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