5 Things Every Successful Leader Does

To be a great leader takes a lot of focus and consistency in your approach to workplace successes, problems and people. Many leadership talents are natural and instinctual. But many can also be learned behaviors and attitudes; experienced approaches when facing certain circumstances.

Across the board, here are 5 things most great workplace leaders do every day:

1. Challenge The Team

Whether encouraging employees to speak their mind, contribute to the team or put forth a stronger performance, a great leader doesn’t let things slide. They observe and acknowledge the hidden potential of those working around them and motivate them to success.

2. Avoid Ambiguity

Leaders need to make sure intentions and expectations are understood across the board. Job ambiguity is one of the more stressful workplace problems employees might face, so it’s important that they know where they stand and what’s expected of them. Discuss your vision and share actionable approaches to achieving that vision as a group or on behalf of the individual’s work. Also be clear about deadlines when necessary.

3. Be Held Accountable

Apart from just challenging their team or individuals to rise to the occasion, a leader must be held responsible for the performance of their employees. This means offering support, guidance and mentoring when necessary. Teaching and inspiring is as important as challenging.

4. Make Decisions

This is something people struggle with often, especially in business settings. But leaders have to step up and make the hard calls, sometimes. Because if they don’t, no one will. Making things happen is a skill, one that indicates the one in charge is informed and experienced in knowing how to give the company what it needs.

5. Offer and Accept Feedback

Listening is such an important component of communication and being open to what others have to say can make or break your relationship with your employees. A leader must make others feel safe to speak their mind and being respectful and receptive is how to do that. But communication works both ways so be sure to provide fair and balanced feedback in return. The more transparent each member of the team can be, the stronger the team will be collectively.

Being in a position of leadership should mean you got there through talent and hard work but there are different types of leaders and it’s important for the success of the team or company that you be a good one. We’ve all worked for someone we felt was uninspiring and perhaps counterproductive to our work ethic. But to be successful, it’s important to have a certain respect for your employees and workplace complications. Approach those situations positively and with trust and confidence in your team, you’ll find success too.


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